Los Angeles Marathon

D'Amico, who has been dubbed the "McRunner," outlined his plan on his blog, aptly titled "Confessions of a Drive-Thru Runner
Below are the planned street closures. The 26th annual Los Angeles Marathon is running and rolling its way through the area
For Flea music, more than traditional academic instruction, kept him in school and away from delinquency. "I grew up in a
Joe D’Amico, a 36-year-old dad from Palatine who has completed 14 marathons, is set to run the March 20 race after eating
Today a student pulled me aside after class to "remind me of something I had said"... I braced myself -- literally gripped the side of the teaching platform.
By the time we were driving back to Los Angeles from a camping trip, my dad and I had decided to run the LA marathon. It would be my first and his 52nd, at 72 years old.
My brother will come out of federal prison still the passionate animal rights activist I admire so much, but he will also have added marathon runner to his life resume.
Shia LaBeouf keeps it sexy in a pair of running tights as he races in the Los Angeles Marathon on Sunday morning (March 21
Wesley Korir of Kenya was the fastest man in the 25 annual LA Marathon for the second consecutive year while fellow countrywoman
A capacity field of 25,000 set off on the 26 mile, 385-yard "Stadium to the Sea" L.A. Marathon course Sunday morning. Read
Now I love kittens as much as the next guy, but with gangs being such a problem in LA, I do wonder where our priorities are.
The 2010 L.A. Marathon is set to take place on Sunday, March 21, 2010. As the marathon takes place, this page will be filled
Your foot strikes the ground about 1,500 times when running a mile. It strikes the ground about 39,300 times when running