Los Angeles Rams

The bizarre sight might be the only time you'll ever see this in the NFL.
The panicking Seattle Seahawks quarterback could be heard uttering an exclamation that many fans said they would also yell if the Rams star were pursuing them.
One football great denounced Ye's "displays of hate and antisemitism" in firing his agency.
The reality star gave L.A. fans another reason to vent as the defending Super Bowl champs lost to the Dallas Cowboys.
Los Angeles Rams players took down the animal rights activist who stormed the field during a game.
Bobby Wagner and Takkarist McKinley of the Rams take down a protester running across the field.
"These ain't no Ritz Crackers," the groggy cornerback said in a funny clip after his shoulder procedure.
The Rams' Super Bowl-winning coach appeared to get surprisingly shady toward the venerable New England Patriots leader.
The NFL star and fitness trainer had first publicly announced they were expecting a baby in November.
The Super Bowl defensive hero for the Los Angeles Rams reveled in "living the dream" on "The Late Late Show."