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Fall traditionally brings cooler temperatures and the second busiest seasons for buying and selling a home. As the summer winds down, indications are that the United States housing market as a whole is moving marginally deeper into buy territory, suggesting that, on average, the majority of housing markets around the country are in good shape and remain a sound investment.
“1-br” You get the one bedroom in the apartment, but there is a 40-year-old man who sleeps in the living room. “Unique” Congratulations
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When you consider your last negotiation, did you come from a position of strength or weakness and how did your tone, mannerisms and body language either support you or give you away?
Bonus: the duo could be sticking around. According to The Wall Street Journal, Legend and Teigen are looking to stay in the
And while we're here: tell us in the comments what housing is like where you live. Does $188,900 buy a lot? A little? A hearty
If you had a million dollars, you could buy yourself a hell of a fancy house in Detroit. Or a sweet little condo with ocean
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See more photos of Chris Brown's home, including his graffitied interiors, courtesy of Realtor.com. The same day Brown's