lost and found

I know that most of you (at least those of you over fifty) have gone through this - the missing wallet syndrome. It deserves
This afternoon, as Lorraine and I were going to the dining room for lunch, I decided to leave our glass door open, closing only the screen door so that my puppy Lucille would be able to feel the breeze from the beach. When we returned from lunch I saw that the screen door was opened.
"We all know the emptiness inside when we lose something so valuable."
By all outward appearances I was pretty successful. I was married for 25 years, raised 3 fabulous kids in an upper middle class suburb and thought I was living the American dream of the boomer generation that I was part of. Yet, I knew there was something missing.
Knowing that her alma mater, Wellesley College, has a very active online community, Wons reached out to alums through Facebook
What's behind this Japanese propensity to turn things in instead of keeping them for themselves? Is Japan just an intrinsically moral country?
The day before, I'd lost twenty dollars and it really bothered me. But on this new day, it was no longer important. In fact, I didn't feel right keeping it.
Whatever you are looking for in your life, I wish you good luck on that journey. Keep your perspective as broad as possible and then learn to enjoy the wait. After all, life is really about learning how to live with uncertainty and find meaning even when all seems lost.
In an email, Etchells admitted to being a little jaded after experiencing several thefts in America over the years. However
Sample's husband William turned to Craigslist's lost and found section for help, pointing out that without the story behind
Humanity is us and when we give up on the kindness of people, in many ways we give up on ourselves and worse, we gradually allow ourselves to do the very things that we so loathed at the start.
"When we got the phone call to say it had been found I didn't know what to say," said Brenda, pictured above with Dave and
Racquel Cloutier put her ring into a jewelry box before she went to the hospital last month to deliver her baby. But she
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Tennessee woman Jodi Eastgate thought her wedding ring was lost forever when it was accidentally thrown into a five-ton hotel trash compactor last week. But thanks to a persistent hotel staff member, that ring is now back on Eastgate's finger.