lost at sea

Two men from the Solomon Islands spent 29 days adrift, surviving on fruit and rainwater, after their boat got caught in a storm.
This 18-year-old was lost at sea for almost 50 days. He managed to survive on only fish and seawater.
An abnormal sound "consistent with an explosion" was detected near where the vessel disappeared last week, said the Argentine navy.
The 29-year-old's three companions died during the ordeal, he said.
Three others, including a pregnant woman, did not survive.
Jose Salvador Alvarenga said he was so hungry during the ordeal that he ate his own fingernails.
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Toakai Teitoi drifted in the central Pacific for 15 weeks before he was rescued by a Marshall Islands fishing vessel last
A Kiribati fisherman who drifted in the central Pacific for nearly four months has been found alive and asking for cigarettes
Police spokesman Travis Mandell said Aguiar's cell phone and wallet were found on the boat, along with other personal items
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