lost dog

Harley, a Yorkshire terrier, was found loose in Tucson and her owner was traced through a microchip ID.
Originally published on www.dorriolds.com “Please keep calm,” said our British pet sitter, “Quigley has run off in the wood
“That is the most amazing dog, we send people out there for serious training, and she did it all on her own.”
If you’re a dog owner you probably can’t fathom ever losing your precious pet. We put up fences, use leashes and train our pups with commands to come if they wander too far. But sometimes it’s just not enough.
Immediately, my daughter sensed something weird about the guy, but being an animal lover and a good Samaritan, she wanted to help.
Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter But a few days later, Officer Greg Connolly spotted a pooch who matched Kona's description
"She got away on July 4th, around midnight," says Ginger's dad, Steve Hinkle, who posted online right away about his missing
A lost Pennsylvanian pup was found nearly 3,000 miles from home.
Lucky for DiBella, Nika was recently found at the doorstep of a home in Ocala, Florida, and was subsequently taken to Marion
"For me to be able to do that for another service member -- I'm glad to have this dog reunited," Combs said. Earlier this
What an unexpectedly perfect wedding anniversary gift. Every lost pet story should have this happy of an ending. (Surprisingly
Some of the suggestions that follow are standard procedure, while others are a product of my years of working in shelters, rescue, and training. I sincerely hope they help you to find your dog.