lost series finale

What viewers got, though, was a happy ending wrapped in a bow: All of the major "Lost" characters, dead, in a church, lovingly
In an interview with Vulture promoting his new ABC series "666 Park Avenue," O'Quinn said people often ask him about the
It's been exactly two years since the series finale of "Lost" and you probably still love it/hate it as much as you did that
In terms of the adult 18-49 demographic, "Lost" averaged a 5.8 rating/15 share and 13.5 million viewers. Both key benchmarks
The final episode of ABC's six-year series "Lost" reflects quite a bit of theologizing about heaven, much of it with Catholic
Thus why I'll end this piece with a quick mention of Lady Gaga, Sarah Palin, the last episode of Lost, and of course, adding
In the end Lost did give us another manifestation of the myth of the One -- not the One God, but the One Soulmate, the one who can awake you from your slumber in order to help you realize who you really are.
Most men are Sawyers or Jacks. When it comes to men, women have a choice: the hot, unpredictable bad boy or the guy who's smart, secure and a little bit vanilla.
In a more recent episode, Rossi said, a character named Benjamin Linus, who had been set up as the series villain, confesses