lost wallet returned

Bad: You lose your wallet on at a Marlins game. Great: An anonymous good Samaritan finds your wallet and gets it back to
We're only a couple of days into December, but we're already feeling the holiday spirit. Dear xxx, Merry Christmas! I can't
(Story Continues Below) The wallet was later discovered by Laura Diers, a mother of four from Boone, Iowa. She found the
A good samaritan found a Reddit user's wallet at a beach over the weekend and returned it—24 years after it was lost. The Redditor, Shrivel, lost the wallet when he was 19 years old while visiting his grandparents.
He received the fortune cookie just hours after getting an odd call from a stranger. "A small lucky package is on its way
Clarence Van Dyken of Jenison, Mich., misplaced a genuine leather wallet back in 1959, according to Fox. Aron Schut, the
"I never thought I'd see that wallet again unless the house got wiped down by a tornado,” Brown told KCTV 5. “That was a