We've tried the celebrity-endorsed brand and we love it, too. Here's why.
Here are six skin-saving tricks to avoid cracks hands and chapped lips this winter.
The start of a fresh season after a long, brutal winter, always makes me brim with hope -- and pine for new beauty products!
Nivea provided a sample of this product for review purposes. Rating: 4 out of 5. This product is a godsend for anyone who
Nobody came alone, of course. More than 100 people covered themselves in "lotion" and participated in the games, held in
5. Skinceuticals Daily Sun Defense SPF 20, $40: Users love this Skinceuticals sunscreen because surprise, surprise, it won't
One more important thing to consider is how the moisturizers are marketed. “Even if a product's label says that it is hypoallergenic
By its pure design, the winter season is not on your side when it comes to your skin.
To combat the effects of Mother Nature's elements and man's manufactured heat, a humidifier can do wonders. If you turn one
Who doesn't want silky, smooth, deliciously touch-me-now skin? (We sure do!). That's why we're slightly obsessed with the
Save your skin -- and your money -- by making your own natural body lotion, a thick and luxurious cream that will work from your face to your hands and toes.
No matter how organic your shampoo is, if it comes in a plastic container, it's still a liability to the environment. Better to seek out eco-friendly alternatives that won't take up space in a landfill.
The latest trend in beauty products is to use natural ingredients to reap the benefits of fruits, plants, and minerals. Unfortunately