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MAC sweeps, I run the final glass wash cycle of the night, plunk the stools on the bar, check no one is dead on the balcony
Traverso said the young man reported having misplaced the winning ticket, which had five of six numbers in the Powerball
A man received a lottery ticket on April Fools' Day from his mother, like you might expect, it was a big winner... only it wasn’t an April Fools' joke.
Flowers are healthy, they don't make false promises and they deliver nourishment to your soul. For the price of a fancy coffee drink, they will watch over you all week and remind you that no matter what your bank account says, you are rich.
The winning ticket for June 30, 2012, was discovered by the owner of the lottery shop who, after keeping it for a year in
In July, Joseph Sylvester won a $100,000 prize in a Virginia Lottery Cash 5 game for the second time in three months, the
Wednesday's winning numbers, which went unclaimed, were 9, 21, 28, 32 and 51. The winning Powerball was 35. The record for
On Friday, Carter was presented with a giant check at the store where he bought the ticket. In June, an 18-year-old from
While it's possible to make the argument that there are worse ways to waste your money than playing the lottery, there's
It is not the first time a winning ticket has been at the center of controversy. Earlier this year, an Arkansas woman mistakenly
There were 172,237,868 Powerball tickets sold for Wednesday night's drawing in 42 U.S. states, the District of Columbia and
Some men bring women flowers on a first date. I bring my dates lottery tickets. What better way to potentiate a lifetime of romance and wonderment than by winning $80 million, or more, together?
After lying to Holt, Nizzar, who ironically goes by the nickname "Lucky," asked her if she wanted him to throw the ticket
When he went to redeem a winning ticket earlier this year in March, he says the clerk, Susan Perez, gave him $40 for a ticket
The teen won the money by playing the New York Lottery's "Win for Life'' scratch-off game and was one of several other winners
Interestingly enough, when John Ross Jr. won the lottery back in March, he told Appeal-Democrat that one of the things he
"No, it's my money. I think I deserve it," she said. "I just didn't think justice was done because I mean, trash is trash