lottie moss

Anyone in search of the next Kate Moss should perhaps look no further than her half-sister, Lottie.
All in the family? Check out Lottie's Dazed shoot below and tell us: Think she's got what it takes to step out of her half
But we bet it won't be long until Lottie's posing in ad campaigns and editorials and making herself known. She not only boasts
While we realize further calling attention to, say, a 12-year-old just increases their time in the public eye, we thought it would be worthwhile for you to know that the next pretty face you admire in Vogue might not yet be out of the seventh grade.
Shot by Andrea Carter-Bowman, the photos unfold in black and white and feature a beautiful Lottie in a number of outfits
Lottie (whose full name is Charlotte) has already done a bit of modeling for her parents, who own a vintage clothing shop