The jackpot is the the seventh largest in U.S. lottery history.
"To help change the world, the #lottery winner should become a GOP Presidential Candidate."
Fox News Expert To Viewers: Buy All The Lottery Tickets You Can Afford
At least he said he would do the same for her.
A lucky Long Island man got a 2.9 million dollar surprise when he found a winning lotto ticket laying around in his truck, a month after he bought it.
A large New Jersey shore family that suffered losses during Superstorm Sandy will share a $20 million lottery jackpot that one of the 17 siblings said would be "a great pick-me-up."
Apparently, winning the lotto would be the only thing these pedestrians would need before telling their boss how they really
Flowers are healthy, they don't make false promises and they deliver nourishment to your soul. For the price of a fancy coffee drink, they will watch over you all week and remind you that no matter what your bank account says, you are rich.