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The Rhode Island detention center employee injured several protesters Wednesday, leaving one with a broken leg, according to a witness.
Fox Business host Lou Dobbs went off after another host on the network slammed Trump over the debt and deficit.
Fox Business hosts get into a heated argument over debt and deficit.
The Fox Business host slammed U.S. military leaders as "snowflakes" in a bizarre Independence Day attack.
The Fox Business host claimed “the evidence is accumulating mightily” that Trump is “a person of providence.”
The Fox Business host suggested French authorities took a “political decision” to rule out arson as the cause of the blaze.
The poll wasn't nearly as favorable as the president thought. In fact, it was just the opposite.
The Fox Business host turned on the president over what he described as his "glaring electoral burden" -- border security.
The Fox Business host also demanded that Donald Trump fire Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.
"They would love to carry out an actual coup d'etat," the Fox Business host complained.
Ari Melber says the president may have finally lied to the wrong people.
“You know I’m an animated, energetic supporter of this president. But you’ve got to call it as it is."
The former Trump administration State Department official took a dumb detour to defend the president.
“Sean Hannity is what you would get if you gave Frankenstein the brain of Alex Jones," said the host of "Late Night."
Judicial Watch's Chris Farrell had claimed the "Soros-occupied State Department" was behind a group of migrants headed toward the U.S.
Some of the president's most high-profile supporters have suggested the bombs were part of a false flag operation.
The conservative commentator linked "Fake News" and "Fake Bombs" in a now-deleted tweet.
Watch host Neil Cavuto’s blistering takedown of Donald Trump following his interview with the network.
Here’s why Lou Dobbs' unabashed love of President Trump should come as no surprise.