lou dobbs

There's "no question about it," said the Fox Business host, an ardent Trump ally.
The Fox Business host faced backlash over his latest outlandish claim about the president, which came as the U.S. hit the bleak pandemic milestone.
The late-night comedy show previously "honored" the network as "Heroes of the Pandumbic."
The Fox Business host considers China's response to the outbreak a "conscious act of warfare."
The Fox Business host said the president "has been proven right at every point," but still faces coronavirus condemnation from "the left."
Mike Lindell praised God for Trump's election and told Americans to read the Bible at a coronavirus briefing.
The staunch Trump ally previously downplayed the threat of the coronavirus pandemic, accusing the media of "playing up fears."
The Fox Business host asked viewers to rate the president's leadership during the coronavirus pandemic from "very good" to "superb."
The Fox Business host mocked the "idiotic idea" that the department shouldn't be controlled by the president.
The Fox Business host questioned the "stunning silence" from Paul Ryan and John Boehner in the week after the State of the Union address.