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Maybe Lou Reed's comment to Rolling Stone writer David Fricke in 1987, "I hate cheap sentiment," was the reason for Mr. Reed's confused facial expression in response to my comment when we first met.
But one person whose costume didn't impress was Julianne Hough's. The 25-year-old actress came under fire after she stepped
Laurie Anderson wrote a beautiful, brief obituary for her husband Lou Reed. Printed in the East Hampton Star, the piece shares
The Velvet Underground came and went long before anyone had any idea of what New York was going to be again, was going to act like in the undulating zeitgeist; the horny, thorny, idiotic soot and grime and bankrupt moral dogma of the much later hip-hop cries for vengeance.
No one ever spoke so directly for misfits and freaks. His music, in its genius and its flaws, in its poignancy and its awkwardness, arose from a conscious and explicit desire to give a voice to the voiceless, to express the truths of people who were always told that their truth had no value.
Arcade Fire's ethereal quality is the perfect match for that of Lou Reed, as evidenced in the band's tribute to the late
While New York City was Reed's muse and home, it's not as though the mayor of New York gave Reed and the Velvet Underground the keys to the city in 1969. Reed was part of a cultural underground that had outposts all over the world.
The music world has been awash with tributes to the late Lou Reed, and Arctic Monkeys offered their own memorial on Monday
"I wish I could write like that," I would think whenever I heard him. I wish I could know the world like that. I wish I could make you feel like you were right here, just like he could. He let you into his world and by extension, the world at large.
Updated Oct. 29, 2013: 9:16 a.m. EST Known for his solo career and songs such as "Walk on the Wild Side," "Heroin" and "Sweet
Rock Legend Lou Reed passed away yesterday, leaving behind a legacy that spans multiple generations. Best known for his role
Just to make sure no-one thought Ravasi was condoning the use of drugs, he later tweeted a Bible passage that warns against
Legs McNeil, a punk historian, joins Ricky to discuss the fact that Lou Reed wasn't really a junkie, he just wrote about being one.
Legs McNeil, a punk historian, and music critic Stephen Deusner join HuffPost Live to talk about Lou Reed's relationship with homosexuality.
Rest in peace, Lou Reed. When someone once asked Lou Reed if he was Jewish, he replied, "Of course, aren't all the best people
We'll leave you with one of the more praiseworthy reviews of The Velvet Underground & Nico's album, straight from the typewriter
With the help of one man, a young New York city slicker named Lou Reed would learn to siphon his existential observations into a rock and roll art form; to write what he lived, and live what he wrote.
While I knew Lou Reed's music growing up in Alabama, it wasn't until I lived in New York that I realized that the song "Walk on the Wild Side" was downtown scripture.
-Lou Reed, "The Day John Kennedy Died," 1982 -Lou Reed, "Strawman," 1988 -The Velvet Underground, "Sweet Jane," 1970 4. But