No one is more surprised to find Marc Maron sitting securely atop a tidy little media empire than Maron himself. As his self-titled series on the IFC channel, Maron, enters its third season, there's a marked fork in the path between the fortunes of Marc Maron, the TV character, and Marc Maron, the actor who portrays him.
“Mad Men” (debuted July 2007 on AMC): I’m old enough to remember that AMC originally debuted this once-obscure period drama
Everyone from late night hosts to Science Guys are weighing in on #Deflategate, but one comedian recently said he has "no
April 22: "The Americans" ends its third season on FX. April 6: Projected date of the "Better Call Saul" Season 1 finale
What turned out to be not quite so compelling, is when the show began to stray away from Mulaney's comedy and started to rely heavily on cliche sitcom one-liners. Coupled with audience laughter after every other joke delivery, things began to rapidly sour.
The 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards are happening this Monday, and I don't think I can wait that long to find out who will win. To remedy my impatience, here is who I want to take home the golden statue.
Well, at least one person doesn't love "Louie." Neal Brennan, comedian and co-creator of "Chappelle's Show" and host of the
Don’t cha know it’s official! FX CEO John Landgraf has announced that the network will pick up new seasons of both "Louie
Most of us don't decide to become a parent because of a study. Thoughtful adults, we appreciate that having a child is a major step, one of the greatest risks we take (I'm factoring out playing football and texting while driving).
While Strahovski hints that the audience will have "an opportunity to see Kate's softer side" in upcoming episodes, she doesn't
The rise of Louis CK has brought worldwide attention to the popular comedy club that helped him get his start.
I love that Louis CK script because he has opened up a space for dialogue about the real problem. It's not that some women are fat, it's that fat women carry a stigmatized identity, and association will stigmatize the fat woman's partner too.
As a waitress at the comedy club, Vanessa has watched Louie deliver dozens of self-deprecating monologues. But mocking oneself
The funny thing is, the day she was born was also the same day that Louis was scheduled to appear on Fallon's "Late Show
Was the script pretty locked down -- and from what I understand, that's how Louie tends to work -- or were there some improvisational
On what a parent's actual job is: I’m a great father because I only get my kids for half the week. It’s every parent’s fantasy