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This is polished, quality stuff, starting with the cast. He has rounded up Steve Buscemi, Alan Alda, Edie Falco, Jessica
More than half a decade ago, I wrote some thoughts about the future of comedy in the digital age. Without much modesty I
PSA: Please watch before boarding a plane this Labor Day weekend.
Belinda: Oh yeah, I had that [Wisecrack] on TIVO and watched it several times. I loved it. But you're also a mentor to youth
Occasionally, the magic of TV and film will flutter over from the sound stages to the real world, allowing fans to briefly exist in these imaginary realms. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the restaurants and bars that briefly doubled as TV or film sets.
If you've seen Season 4's penultimate episode, you know the “button-pushing” got quite literal: strolling through an abstract
About a month ago, I joined roughly five million Americans and cut the cord. Here are some thoughts on lessons learned so
A woman spoke her mind and in the end she got what she wanted. There's nothing shameful about that -- if anything it's empowering.
The world of Jane Austen is growing steadily larger. While the focus of her fiction is notoriously narrow, geographically speaking, the world of her readers, viewers, and fans continues to expand with every new book, movie, TV series, and sequel based on the original.
Give your kids nothing, C.K. suggested to Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show" on Monday. More indisputable pearls of wisdom from
Host Marc Lamont Hill asked the model about comedian Louis C.K., whom Howard Stern had tried to set her up with in early
Louis C.K. returned to Reddit for his third "Ask me Anything" session and answered questions about cooking for his daughters
In addition to plenty of critical accolades, the show has always been nominated for five Emmy awards, winning one. He joins
When sports and comedy collide, the results can be pretty spectacular. After a recent show at Detroit's Masonic Temple, stand
At the age of 30, having deliberately stepped away from acting and show business for five years to figure out what she wanted to do, Gaby Hoffman has decided that acting is a choice she wants to make for herself.
But the funnyman isn't the only one to ditch his given name for something a little easier on the ears. Stars like Elton John
It's no easy feat parenting as a divorced dad, but week after week on the small screen, these fictional fathers show us how
I'm talking about two people, both single, somehow meeting and feeling a simultaneous attraction, who are able to recognize that mutual interest and maintain it beyond two dates. Can someone please explain: how does that happen?