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Police say benches were flipped and the landscape damaged at the Odell S. Williams African-American Museum in Baton Rouge.
Daniel Richter (b. 1962) is a German painter whose strongly coloured, often slightly surreal paintings convey current events
Supported by Nordea-fonden While Foer sees that the voice of the author can drown in the media, he does see an important
Sj贸n (b. 1962 as Sigurj贸n Birgir Sigurosson) is an Icelandic writer, poet, playwright and lyricist. He received the Nordic
"It's interesting that architecture exists in a strange place between the practical and pragmatic, finances and technique
It is essential to al-Aswany that his characters always feel like living people: "I cannot impose on them what they should
The work of your favourite writers is like "a galaxy you keep coming back to". Hear Clemens Setz, one of Austria's most successful
Watch the full interview with Richard Serra: http://channel.louisiana.dk/video/richard-serra-porten-i-slugten Produced and
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Supported by Nordea-fonden In this short interview Dan Graham offers advice to younger artists by tallying up the best and