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Police say benches were flipped and the landscape damaged at the Odell S. Williams African-American Museum in Baton Rouge.
Daniel Richter was interviewed by Marc-Christoph Wagner in his studio in Berlin, Germany, and at Louisiana Museum of Modern
The most upsetting question to Foer is that of the future: "What kind of world are we creating for our children?" However
Remember what excited you when you were a child, and carry that enthusiasm onwards. Award-winning writer Sjón here advises
Camera: Klaus Elmer Edited by: Klaus Elmer Produced by: Marc-Christoph Wagner Copyright: Louisiana Channel, Louisiana Museum
Alaa al-Aswany was interviewed by Bjørn Bredal at the Louisiana Literature festival at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Supported by Nordea-fonden Thomas Mann's work is "full of things I myself would ever dare do," says Clemens Setz of one of
Watch the full interview with Sarah Sze: http://channel.louisiana.dk/video/sarah-sze-meaning-between-things Watch the full
Supported by Nordea-fonden When Kjell Askildsen sent his first collection of short stories to his father, a central member
Dan Graham was interviewed by Christian Lund in his home in SoHo, New York, October 2015. Dan Graham (b. 1942) is an award
24 meters above sea level, with a view of Copenhagen's harbour, sits a bright red playground atop a car park - a building
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Watch the full interview with Olafur Eliasson here: http://channel.louisiana.dk/video/olafur-eliasson-riverbed-inside-museum
In this interview Knausgård also reveals two future projects, one following the footsteps of Norwegian artist Edward Munch
Siri Hustvedt (b. 1955) is an American author and essayist who has written poetry, novels, essays, and works of non-fiction
Camera: Rasmus Quistgaard Edited by: Klaus Elmer Produced by: Marc-Christoph Wagner Copyright: Louisiana Channel, Louisiana
Supported by Nordea-fonden "I'm sure even the cavemen copied the drawings of the guys from the next village and changed them
"The challenges of being black and working-class in America - my characters didn't understand that and I didn't either." Meet
"There is no typical New Yorker ... it's a city of atypical people," says Daniel Libeskind who came to New York City at the
Painting, drawing and printmaking, says Winters, are all the same thing: "they come from a fundamental ambition to engage