Louisiana State University

Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) "couldn’t get to the remote fast enough to shield my 11-year-old from the preview" of the new animated series "Little Demon."
The Season 17 champ is accused of planting a recording device in his ex-girlfriend's dorm room.
The football coach is a Massachusetts native with four head-coaching stints in the Midwest, but whatever y'all!
Terry Reynolds II, 21, faces felony and misdemeanor charges after the student was hospitalized with severe alcohol poisoning.
Kelly D. Holstine of Minnesota said she knelt during the football game to "stand up for marginalized and oppressed people."
The president joked about people "trying to impeach the son of a bitch,” referring to himself.
The LSU quarterback got hot to beat Oklahoma's football team in a friendly hoops lead-up to the football playoff semifinal.
Even though President Donald Trump received cheers at the University Of Alabama football game, one former player blamed the president for the team’s first loss all season.
The president attended the big game against LSU.
Third time's a charm — and so is the South — for President Donald Trump.