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The Black woman was shot by white officers in her home in Louisville, Kentucky. None of the officers involved was charged in her death.
The anonymous juror said the panel asked about additional charges but was told there wouldn’t be any “because the prosecutors didn’t feel they could make them stick.”
Louisville, Kentucky, police were told "repeatedly" that no suspicious packages had been received at her address, according to an internal police investigation.
Attorney General Daniel Cameron's comments come after a grand jury didn't charge any Louisville officers in the high-profile killing of a Black medical worker.
The officers who killed Taylor won't face murder charges. But demands for justice in Kentucky's largest city go far beyond accountability in a single police shooting.
The Democratic presidential nominee spoke about a grand jury's decision to not charge any officers in the killing of Breonna Taylor in a botched raid.
Colin Kaepernick, George Clooney, Ava DuVernay and Kerry Washington were just a few of the voices to chime in.
The Courier Journal published Officer Bridget Hallahan's alleged message on the same day a grand jury didn't charge police with murder in Breonna Taylor's death.
People in Louisville, Kentucky, and other cities took to the streets after none of the officers involved in Taylor's death were charged with murder.
Taylor’s death helped spark a nationwide wave of protests demanding racial justice and an end to the use of excessive force by law enforcement.