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Shannon Gridley said the treatment she and her dinner guests faced at a Louisville Taco Bell was "dehumanizing."
This Louisville couple got their '80s garb at Goodwill. Then they went wild at a JCPenney portrait studio.
Boosting turnout in Kentucky's blue cities may be Democrats' only chance to unseat the unpopular Senate leader.
Forty-five years after the federal government forced Louisville, Kentucky, to integrate its schools, the city and its residents still see desegregation as a worthy goal.
One of the Kentucky officers was filmed beating 19-year-old Terry Whitehead last year.
Louisville’s Swaminarayan Temple was defaced with black graffiti, including xenophobic and anti-Hindu messages.
The city where the legendary boxer and humanitarian grew up is proud to honor him, Mayor Greg Fischer said.
"Why don't you leave our entire country alone?" a customer demands of the Senate majority leader.
Danny Alvarez, a married of father of three, was vying for Jefferson County District Court judge in Louisville.
Matthew Heimbach, head of the Traditionalist Worker Party, has been called "the next David Duke."
W. Mitchell Nance excused himself from hearing same-sex adoption cases because of his faith.
Segregation and the evil twins–racism and inequity–are the divide and conquer gifts that keep on giving­ to the rich and
An antitrust suit against the NCAA’s price-fixing amateur model would benefit players -- and rid college sports of the worst corruption that plagues them.
Secretary of Education Betsy Devos says that students in the US attend schools that are a “mundane malaise that dampens dreams
The woman's case spotlights concerns about the Trump administration's approach to the program protecting some undocumented immigrants from deportation.