Fans in Atlantic City performed a number of Lovato's songs, including "Sober."
The hashtag #HowDemiHasHelpedMe has taken off on Twitter since the singer's hospitalization for a reported drug overdose.
Lovatics, rejoice! "My new single is called #CoolForTheSummer and will be out July 1!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH," she wrote. Demi Lovato
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Her trip sounds incredible -- hats off to her for giving back to such an amazing cause. Happy birthday, Demi! She is currently
Demi Lovato just turned 21! In honor of her birthday, her fans (a.k.a Lovatics) took to Twitter to share all the reasons
Unsurpringly, Lovatics managed to unlock all 13 songs within three hours, according to MTV.com. We'd say that Lovatics definitely
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"Smilers, Directioners, Beliebers, Swifties, Lovatics, Selenators. It doesn't matter which fan base you are in. We Are Proud
Demi has done something few celebrities have done -- she has not only publically addressed her struggles, but makes a point of continuing to talk about them in the hopes of helping others.
Venezuela's attack on Demi aside, there's some good news for the singer's fans. This week, Demi released a impressive piano