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In this exclusive deleted scene from "Love & Friendship," the two hate facts.
Deleted Scene From "Love & Friendship"
For this week's show we dive in with a brief conversation about writer-director Shane Black's delightful action-comedy The
3. Some passions may be impossible to resist. ― Written by Roald Dahl in his children's book, The Witches. ― Written by Maya
I do believe there's someone for everyone, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized while love is not transactional, it sometimes can turn ugly and into hatred when you do not create the boundaries necessary for you to love yourself.
Focus on the areas in which you can improve your relationships and discover the myriad possibilities that will unfold before you. Let this be the year that you deepen your relationships and find the love that you truly deserve.
Friendship is probably the most valued of all relationships because a friend is totally our own choice. When there is a mutual response between two people who are becoming friends, then a relationship can last a lifetime, or even beyond a lifetime.