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If you've ever tuned into VH1's popular show "Love & Hip Hop: NY" then you know there is never a dull moment.
"There's certain formats and radio stations and certain things we can't sing as African American women," she said.
Self: "No, I'm not. They are my homies but no one put me down or anything like that." KM: So because that's the perception
Cardi B: "The only difference is that no one calls me Belcalis except for my family, my mother and my daddy. But Cardi B
(Photo Cred: Kala Riggins of KM: Remy, in August you posted a one year later picture to Instagram where you
The Jersey-bred artist hopes other recovering addicts can learn from his experience.
Miles, a rapper, and his boyfriend, Milan, allow the cameras into their lives this season, exposing the complexities of having a secret gay relationship within the world of Hip Hop.
I can no longer support and fund the "rich fool" that Mona Scott-Young continues to be. She has exploited nearly every subset our community with no sign of ever stopping or apologizing. As a fan of what I once though was a "guilty pleasure" has now become simply guilt.
There was some chatter on the blogs about two gay cast members joining the cast of Love and Hip Hop all summer long but it wasn't until the premiere and that kiss between Miles and Milan that viewers knew for sure that the season was going to be like no other season, moreover, no other franchise of Love and Hip Hop
After much review, Angie and her team learned they needed to change the way they shared news online. As suspected, their
The recent airing of Sorority Sisters on VH1 has many people really upset (a slight understatement). Social media lit up with emotional rants about crying and broken hearts, threats to snatch sorors up, calls for boycotts, tweets to brands... the list goes on. I get it. Kinda.
Iyanla went deeper. "He could be thinking, 'This is how you talk to a woman,'" she pointed out. "'Even my mother...' And
"I don't want to talk to him anymore," she says, visibly upset. "I don't want to talk to him anymore!" Fans of "Love & Hip
Mimi Faust of 'Love and Hip Hop' is the latest reality star to release a sex tape. Are these sex tapes the new guarantee to becoming a household name, and do we hold the women who make them to different standards, depending on their race?
I recently had the privilege to tag along with star of LHH, Tahiry Jose, as she circled around Manhattan hand delivering autographed copies of her new 2014 Intimacy Calendar. The journey was mind blowing.
Earlier this season, viewers had learned that Peter secretly married Amina, though he continued to live with his longtime
Exceptionally fierce and driven, Somaya Reece has proven herself as a celebrity to watch. Since her appearance on VH1's Love & Hip Hop, Reece has been reinventing her image, sound and attitude to fit her new audience.
WARNING: this video contains profane language and language that some viewers may find offensive. "That's how we talk in Miami