Love and Sex

The dating app Bumble learned the hard way this week that abstinence is a growing trend among single women.
Trump wrote about his theory on "sexual dynamics" in his 2004 book, “Trump: How to Get Rich.”
"It dawned on me: They were utterly terrified we were going to discover something very exciting and powerful about our supposedly naughty bodies."
“For the majority of our relationship, we have had a third partner,” one person said.
Here’s what this generation is saying behind closed doors, according to therapists.
"As much as I hoped my students would learn from me throughout the semester, I ended up learning even more from them."
"The first time I had to say the word 'penis' out loud in the recording booth, I laughed. I giggled like a teenager in sex ed class."
"I knew I had to wait until marriage to experiment with sex, but that felt so far away!"
“Let me do it when I’m ready,” the “White Lotus” and “You” actor said, while addressing criticism that he’s taken roles from LGBTQ actors.