love at first sight

Jodi Meltzer and Mike Darter join HuffPost Live to talk about meeting through the Huffington Post.
Whatever it was -- HuffPost, my mom and his grandmother collaborating up above, divine intervention, or a combination of the three -- I found my bashert, my soulmate. I didn't even believe there was just one person meant for me until Mike. And now I know. I know.
Busy raising my first child, I thought little about the one that was coming. I didn't sing a special song that would be just for me and the new baby. No, my new baby would have to be content with the songs I sang with his older brother.
"I know her from New York, and whether it actually comes off or not, it was important to have someone with a strong East
9. Declare your love in a romantic public place, like her office building. --"The Proposal" Of course, redemption doesn't
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Serendipity has been defined as the ability to find luck or happiness in unlikely places. My mother was right; love found me when I was least expecting it, on the banks of a remote river in Alaska.
The conversation took a quick turn when the trio was asked about the craziest places they've had sex. Jordan was fairly quick
Maya Rodale is the author of multiple historical romance novels, as well as the nonfiction book Dangerous Books for Girls
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