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"Make sure that person has everything you want. Do not compromise on one thing."
My agapé love is a love most people don't seem to understand. I have grown up in an old-school Greek household where tradition
It dawned on me recently that even though I didn't have a divorce party (just wasn't in the mood) it doesn't mean that I can't mark the 20th anniversary of my divorce in some way. So here it goes, my list of the 10 most important lessons I've learned in the last two decades.
There's a lot to be learned about love and marriage from the people who've been at it a long, long time -- like grandma and
When I was pregnant, I had many opinions and ideas about what life would be like after I had children -- how I was going to be as a parent, how my child would be and how I would raise my child in a warm, loving, two-parent home. Well, not everything in life goes as planned.
This video is a great reminder of what we should all keep in mind when celebrating Valentine's Day. Plus, we gotta love the
As a freelancer it's the way I earn my living. As a blogger, it's a way to connect. Simply connect. I was so swept up in
That summer taught me that you can have your heart broken and still be OK; that moments of foolishness make you wise; that part of dating is learning what you don't want; and that you have to love yourself before anyone worthwhile ever will.
When most 20-somethings have dating questions, they call a single friend. A few might call their moms. But what if your "person" is a 60+ guy who also happens to be your dad?
People with Alzheimer's have taught me a lot about love over the years. I learned that they may remember past love and also experience love in the present -- even if they don't talk anymore and even during the last days of their lives.
Actor Paul Newman and wife Joanne Woodward act all types of silly, 1963. Photo by Fotos International for Getty Images. A
"Aimee [played by Shailene Woodley in 'The Spectacular Now'] compromised parts of her identity in order to support the boy
I can't dispute the fact that breakups are the worst. But sometimes, they are also the best. However brief the co-mingling of our lives tends to be, there is some part of them that makes us happy that can linger long after the shininess of a new relationship has dulled to a dingy afterthought.
When it comes to matters of the heart, it's true what they say: mom really does know best. We've long looked to mom to help
We are culturally and emotionally conditioned to search for love. But where? Many of us believe that love is something that we find in another person. But do we love ourselves, or are we berating and negating ourselves in various ways?
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It's tough to think of anything more embarrassing than being stalked by paparazzi on your first date and hounded by reporters