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The model had her own guideline to determine whether she'd let romantic partners appear on the series alongside her family.
The "thank u, next" singer lamented "the love and forgiveness that I’ve given away so frivolously and easily to men" in her Billboard award speech.
In an interview with Stephen Colbert, the “Girls Trip” star got hilariously frank about her personal life.
Force yourself to do something new. It's easy to get lazy and complacent in your sex life when you have been with the same
So let's take a look at a 5-Step Action Plan that you can use RIGHT NOW to be happier in your business and your life:
The possibility of rejection or lack of chemistry is enough to make anyone reconsider going on date period. If you're a transwoman, things can become a little more complicated. Not only are you faced with the same possibility of sexual objectification from men through dating that cisgender women face, but there is this extra layer of garbage you have to get past.
Helene Godin tells her inspirational story about leaving the known to pursue greater happiness. #WhenToJump
"This is where the magic happens in your relationship," says Dr. Laura Berman.
Unfortunately, if we look at what's happening to our people, we see more and more despair. In a recent NY Times article, Where
In my book, If I Knew Then What I Know Now, ( in the very last page in the "Parting Words" chapter