love of reading

As a high school English teacher, I regret that my girls say they have too much homework to read for pleasure. I can't imagine
I have often felt that I am missing much of the joy I could be getting out of a book by reading it in class instead of on my own.
When children are told how much to read, they sometimes zip through the pages, not really absorbing the story or information just so they can get to the assigned page number to end at so they can stop. Forcing a child to read can stir counterwill, which instinctually will tell them not to.
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It's hard to say no when you see her eyes light up, watch her become transfixed with the stories, the artistry on the pages. When you hear new words spill out of her daily, see her comprehend and make connections. When she literally dances at the suggestion of reading.
You're pulled into new worlds, ancient lands, tiny towns, and vast cities. You meet people. You experience new things. You learn things you'd never know otherwise.
It was my father who fueled my love of books. My father's devotion to books encouraged and inspired me to become an avid reader and, eventually, a writer.