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So much music out there is empty calories. Sometimes that's quite alright. I mean who doesn't like a nice hook you can dance
Have you ever sung karaoke everywhere? Well, maybe not everywhere but in this case, in Los Angeles on the Santa Monica Pier
These blissful melodies will totally compliment your Valentine's Day weekend.
Louisiana, the last state to issue a same-sex marriage license, was off to a romantic start this afternoon. The first license was issued to a couple who work for the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court and have been watching for the state to comply with the Supreme Court's Marriage Equality ruling.
For more Thomspon covers, head over to her YouTube channel, TantrumJas. British musician Jasmine Thompson, who has covered
No matter how you choose to define love, one fact remains clear: Love can be highly addictive. We are talking about passionate love, the beginning rush of emotions; the wave that floods us when we first fall in love.
There must always be something a tiny bit sad when we take ourselves so far back in time to such idealized tunes and harmonies, and then eventually to have to return to our modern noisy world.
In third grade I dressed up as Jane Goodall for Halloween -- no one got it. When I was five I was a Musketeer. I absolutely abhorred dresses and Disney Princesses. My dad hated Disney Princesses too, and I looked up to him completely so I have no doubt my disdain was a mirror of his.
Eventually she found Taylor Swift’s album “Red,” which became her go-to breakup music, and songs like Christina Perri’s “Jar
The first dance at your wedding may be the most important dance of your life -- or at least the most meaningful. So picking
While many will be celebrating love today, there are a ton of single, separated and/or heartbroken people who won’t be. For
Okay, it's Valentine's Day, so I figured I'd pass along a couple of my all-time fave love songs from musicals. Remarkably, both are probably songs you've never heard. Even more remarkably, they're from shows many of you have never even heard of.
It can be challenging to find romantic songs to sing that are easy to sing. However, winning over the hearts of those you love through poetry and song is ancient and we wouldn't have a population problem if so many hearts had not been sent a patter by a good love song.
Planning on skipping Valentine’s Day this year? Instead of rejecting this holiday altogether, consider embracing the true
Valentine's Day can be a struggle, with its typical red roses and chocolate boxes of pressure to be in lovey dove love. Read
Music and romance often go hand in hand for many recording artists. And as a result, the two art forms have various similarities
Quite a bit of Destiny's Child news this week. First Beyonce announced that trio had reunited for a new song and compilation
"We don't want to scratch each other's eyes out; we love each other too much," said Rowland. If [reuniting is] something
What do you think of the mashup? If you had to choose, which song do you think is more romantic? Tell us in the comments