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"Octuplet" About A-Sides with Jon Chattman: Jon Chattman's music/entertainment series typically features celebrities and
Have you ever sung karaoke everywhere? Well, maybe not everywhere but in this case, in Los Angeles on the Santa Monica Pier
These blissful melodies will totally compliment your Valentine's Day weekend.
Louisiana, the last state to issue a same-sex marriage license, was off to a romantic start this afternoon. The first license was issued to a couple who work for the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court and have been watching for the state to comply with the Supreme Court's Marriage Equality ruling.
British musician Jasmine Thompson, who has covered popular tunes like "Take Me To Church," "Royals" and more, released a
No matter how you choose to define love, one fact remains clear: Love can be highly addictive. We are talking about passionate love, the beginning rush of emotions; the wave that floods us when we first fall in love.
There must always be something a tiny bit sad when we take ourselves so far back in time to such idealized tunes and harmonies, and then eventually to have to return to our modern noisy world.
In third grade I dressed up as Jane Goodall for Halloween -- no one got it. When I was five I was a Musketeer. I absolutely abhorred dresses and Disney Princesses. My dad hated Disney Princesses too, and I looked up to him completely so I have no doubt my disdain was a mirror of his.
“Our music preferences show how social we are,” observed study author Chan Jean Lee, PhD, of KAIST Business School in Seoul