love triangle

Ailsa Jackson says Sgt. Michael Walker wanted his wife gone. He says he loved his wife, with whom he was trying to have a baby.
Mom, 42, accused of plotting with 13-year-old daughter and the girl’s boyfriend to kill her husband and another woman.
Catherine Linka knows books. So it shouldn't have surprised her when, before her award-winning debut novel A Girl Called Fearless was even published, she was asked to write a sequel.
“At the same second that I found out he was dead, I found out it was because he had been unfaithful,” Ashlee says. “The hardest
Jane Wyman was Ronald Reagan's first wife. They met when they were both working their way up the Hollywood star ladder -- Wyman was actually ahead of Reagan -- and they came out of the same background: hardscrabble Depression; very much hand-to-mouth.
Call us terrible people, but there's nothing more entertaining than watching relationship drama play out over Facebook. Take
North Texas officials investigating a double murder believe the case is related to a suicide in another town.
In October of 2012, I wrote about the personal inspiration behind my award-winning short film The Naturalist (which you can
Andie and Duckie from “Pretty In Pink” But here at HuffPost Weddings, her remarks got us thinking about all the other characters
The alleged attacker was suspended from the force at the time of her arrest. After an internal investigation found her in
There are many legends about the "Enchanted Islands" as some call the Galápagos, none more intriguing than the saga of several Europeans who arrived at the archipelago in the 1930's in search of "Paradise."
She's reportedly still on the loose. The attack was the culmination of a love triangle among Hunter, 26, her ex-boyfriend
We are intolerant of affairs, we North American Puritans. We are not French. This, despite the fact that, statistically, most of us will find themselves inhabiting at least one corner of a love triangle sometime in our lives.
Readable and enjoyable are the two words that best describe Leila Meacham's Tumbleweeds. It is a worthy follow up to Roses, and that is high praise.
When you go see a play entitled Cock you expect some groundbreaking transgressive content, perhaps sexual elements that push the boundaries of comfort. However, Mike Bartlett's brilliant play never panders to any need for sensationalism.
So Kimmel, wondering how Taylor Swift fit into the story, asked Agron if she was dating her. "Wouldn't that be juicy," Agron
STRANGE CRIME MUG SHOTS: Teague's son jumped out of the vehicle and got in a fight with the 16-year-old. Teague himself then