love wins

Lawyer and LGBTQ rights advocate, Pedro Irigonegaray has consistently battled Fred Phelps in court throughout his career.
These gay Australians couldn’t wait to tie the knot and said “I do” just minutes after midnight.
She’s showing off a whole new look.
The problem is that this election has been dominated more by glib statements, heavily repeated rediculousness and terse quips than it has been a smart discussion of the issues.
This month my wife Laurie and I celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary and that has made me reflect on how far we have come, and how much we have had to overcome being a bi-national lesbian couple.
Love always wins. 👬👭
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To Mama Mona, Alexandra Harra To connect with Alexandra Harra, click here. Give them time. If your friends and family don't
Like Elwood P. Dowd, we've wrestled with "reality" for thousands of years; the Resurrection happily declares that Jesus has
When your goal is to be a conduit to the apocalypse, love is nowhere on your radar. But that doesn't mean that it's not in the air.
Powerful portraits and stories to make LGBTQ relationships visible, normal, and accepted.
I pulled into the gas station across the street. I got out, slid my debit card, and was filling up the tank when a black two-door car pulled up beside me.
I have made the choice to fight for my relationship with God despite the efforts of extremists who yearn to replace love with hate.
The next time you hate on LGBT people, remember how easy it is for you to leave your house, walk the streets, be yourself and never for once feel that your life is at risk. LGBT people die everyday.
Having waited 42 years to "come out" to close family and friends, the experience of finally taking the full plunge and publicly coming out couldn't have been more incredible.
"Shannon, I thought about what my cousin had said--"looking for others to write as well." So I did. Your dad wanted me to
As the son of immigrants from the Philippines, an oftentimes traditional and predominantly Catholic nation, it wasn't always easy being fully open and honest about my sexuality. And so, coming out to my parents the summer after graduating high school was one of the most liberating experiences of my life.
Los Angeles' newest music sensation and blood-brother duo, THRILLERS, are taking the hipster culture by storm with their debut EP, "Cotton Candy Kisses."
As a hetero woman, who has never (ever) dreamt of a wedding day, I was still profoundly moved and delighted by the second SCOTUS ruling on June 26th.
When walking into South Jackson Civic Center, the unmistakable old schoolhouse smell of ancient hardwood and teenage dreams wafts around you. A former high school turned performing arts center, South Jackson is now center stage in its very own drama.