love yourself

For me, self care is my gateway to self love. How I commit my time and energy is in a direct relationship with how I feel
You will continue to try to make another person your Source of love when you believe that someone else can bring the love
I still struggle and fall at times, I have days of insecurity and vulnerability as I navigate through life and there are moments that stretch into days where I feel discontent with myself and seek comfort and validation elsewhere.
Only recently did I discover what it really means to "take care of yourself." It's been a long journey, and here are a few things I have done along the way.
I didn’t learn to love myself until it was a matter of life or death! I was travelling in India when I contracted a life
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Body positivity works both ways -- you should love yourself no matter what size you are, and no matter how many stretch marks you have. That doesn't mean you have to accept where you are and remain stagnant.
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