loving yourself

And it's not just life's experiences that changes the perception of who we are, but it's those "mental selfies" that we take
During my career in Academia, I have noticed an unhealthy trend among students. It's the obsessively self-critical thinking that happens when students do something that doesn't go "right." They fall into the judgmental trap of thinking they are a failure or something is wrong with them.
I have a chip on my shoulder the size of Kentucky. Why Kentucky, you ask? Because it’s the state of my birth and the birthplace
Choosing to love others unconditionally is a gift we give to ourselves and to others. We are each here to significantly make a difference in some capacity in this life - loving others is one way to do that.
Most people only ever associate fitness with positive connotations and results; however, this has become far from the truth
Finally, taking the time to pause and really value each of the events that pass our way, rather than just moving mindlessly from one moment to the next, can ensure that we really experience life, instead of failing to see the ties and connections that truly prove the connectedness of us all.
To care for another unleashes the feeling of joy and accomplishment. When you allow love to take root in your heart and soul, you open yourself and your world up, endless possibilities of grace.
It is possible to love who you are now. And this is how.
Then came my worst relationship to date. I'll spare you the details, but trust me when I say it was the lowest I had stooped