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These meals are packed with protein that'll keep you full (also: they're delicious).
OutSpeak's Skinny Mom shows you how to make this simple summer side dish.
Per One Muffin: 92 calories; 3 grams carbs Cut carbs without cutting flavor. For SELF, by Audrey Bruno. 9. Coconut Lemon
For those who have ever counted carbs or watched sugar intake, then you know how hard it is to come up with easy low carb breakfast ideas that are not all about the eggs and bacon. But fear not! Some of the best low carb bloggers have got you covered in this department.
It's the new year which means we're all super committed to eating healthier than we did last year. The only way to stick
A recent study helped to illustrate an important point: Burning fat for fuel is not the same as burning fat from your body.
In addition to the many reasons why weight loss and getting healthy are so difficult, your inner circle may not embrace, applaud
Mike Sheridan has been advising on nutrition and fitness for nearly a decade. His 3-step transformation plan has helped a
For those of you interested in losing weight, I don't have any revolutionary tips. I ate a little less and moved a lot more
You'll love the crunch of the lettuce, the slightly saltiness of the soy sauce and the ever so sweet richness of the hoisin sauce and ginger in these tasty wraps. They make a great appetizer or light main course lunch or dinner.
In a study review published in the journal Public Health Nutrition, DiNicolantonio argues that thinking about the human body
Don't be fooled by the promises of riding your way to good health and a slim figure on a river of ice cream and butter. Stick with what scientists have known for decades: A low-fat, plant-based diet is decidedly best for our health.
One day, your morning cup of coffee is a great idea for your health. The next, it has too many negative health risks. Even
2. Your workouts are slipping. When physically active people don't get enough carbs, the body can resort to using protein
For people living with diabetes, managing carbohydrates plays a crucial role in keeping blood glucose under control. When
Plowing through the salty, crunchy, carb-heavy snacks that Super Bowl parties are notorious for will leave you feeling like a linebacker come Monday morning. Not awesome. So, let's talk game day strategy:
I'm not advocating a ban on carbs as a quick weight loss scheme. I don't believe in quick weight loss schemes or diets. But I am convinced as a nation we eat too many carbs, especially refined carbs.