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Diabetics recommend delicious keto chocolate bars, sour candies that taste like the real thing and decadent caramel-covered clusters.
If you're trying to stick to that New Years Resolution and having trouble finding recipes other than plain salads then you
I know a guy who would have a funny turn and hissy fit if I went to take the frozen peas (frozen peas you know... Not even
When you eat pasta and other processed grain products, you're essentially telling your body to stop burning fat. High-carbohydrate
Leftovers, leftovers, leftovers -- I can't repeat this enough, leftovers are the epitome of fast food low-carb style. Learn
Those in the low carb and Paleo world have known this forever, but did you know how versatile cauliflower is? And did you know you can replace potatoes, rice and other starchy foods with cauliflower? Even pizza?
If we want to avoid sugar, we need to understand how to read labels and know all the tricks of the trade how sugar can hide from us. Food manufacturers are getting savvy. They know if sugar is high on their ingredient list, their product isn't exactly going to fly off the shelf. So what do they do?
So when you want to go low carb and think it's impossible, think again, it doesn't have to be difficult, just a few simple low carb hacks can make it so much easier for yourself. What is your best tip or trick when going low carb and sugar free?
Sure, pasta fits into a healthy 80 Twenty lifestyle, but the common complaint from pasta lovers trying to watch their waistlines is difficulty controlling portion sizes. A cup of pasta looks a little sad when compared to the amount you would typically serve yourself. Especially when you compare to restaurant portions which can be 6 cups of pasta or more!
Want to cut back on the sugar this Easter but still have some Easter egg fun? Follow these simple recipes and you certainly won't have to go without.