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Not everyone has time to prep meals or money to buy Instant Pots.
A new study from Harvard proves that low-income Americans benefit from the Affordable Care Act
The Heritage Foundation's "Blueprint for Reform,"* which Trump staff are reportedly using as a basis for the Trump budget
As a campus minister I am painfully aware of the statistics on binge drinking on college campuses. I also know that more than 90% of sexual assaults committed on or near campuses (it has become a horrific epidemic) involve alcohol.
Along with 800 other aspiring employees who sign up every year for Per Scholas's classes (in IT support, network engineering
Low-income moms know the truth of how policies fail, and their knowledge is critical to change them.
In health care, as in the rest of American life, the gap between rich and poor is growing.
“You belittled me...but you were completely ignorant of my struggles."
By Vanessa Barrington, Communications Director, Justice for Aging, and Denny Chan, Staff Attorney, Justice for Aging The
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Douglas Gichorio Mwangi, Oasis Mathare, Nairobi, Kenya. Youth are afforded access to literacy and technology resources to
This post originally appeared on Off the Charts, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities' blog Short-Sighted Tax Cuts
Balanding Manneh and Saiga Sowe, Wassu Women's Garden Project, Wassu, The Gambia. Female vegetable gardeners are trained
The rising cost of housing in U.S. cities like San Francisco and New York is a well-known problem. Flying under the radar: an affordable housing crisis is growing in every state in the union.
Picture a college student. What is she doing? My guess is, most of you have a mental image of either a raucous party or a frantic cram session. One thing you probably aren't picturing is her sleeping.
I first came across the "Share The Word" project in Kathmandu's largest slum. Narrow crooked alleys and crumbling shacks
"This field needs more women," he said, promising to do all he could to help me succeed. For more stories about programs
More than a decade ago, the district seemed helpless against the educational effects of poverty. About half of its students
Dan Arel No study as has been released looking at cities such as Portland and compared it to cities that do add fluoride