low income college students

As a former high-achieving, low-income student, who now teaches at a college serving other first-generation college students
Many elite colleges don't want too many low-income kids
There's a major gap between low-income and wealthy students.
While we applaud all first time college students this month as they move forward toward their dreams, let's offer a special shout out to those students whose paths were not assumed and who may have had a more difficult time getting and staying on route.
First-generation, low-income and minority students fare better when they have adequate access to financial aid, support programs that properly introduce them to and sustain them through the academy, and proper high school preparation that equips them to handle the rigor of college work.
It's not really "news" that some students do not complete their degrees on a traditional timetable; what's big news is that many do ultimately earn their degrees and go on to become great examples of academic achievement to inspire their children and families.
President Reagan stated that the American Dream was possible for anyone, as long as they were willing to pay for it. Of course, we are all responsible for ourselves. But this does not mean we have no responsibility to others or to the future.
A new report details how students from low- and middle-income families are having difficulty going to, and succeeding at
What's your take on this report? Leave a comment with your opinion. More young adults from low-income backgrounds are enrolling