Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

The Trump administration proposed eliminating federal heating help altogether.
This draconian budget erodes the security of our nation’s future.
The latest budget proposal from “President” Trump was released earlier this week, and if one thing wasn’t already clear, it
Apparently, the American Dream under the Trump Administration is to gut investments in our future, our safety, our health and our culture.
We need to find opportunities to strengthen, not dismantle, programs that help low-income families.
The president's budget plan singles out heating assistance for the poor.
"Congress was clear in the farm bill that the reductions in SNAP benefits take effect not later than 30 days after enactment
"We are seeing more people than ever with no resources to heat their homes," Rick McCarthy, a consultant to the Maine Community
"There are rules and laws against shutting power off for people at certain times of the year because of the weather," he
Tax advantages are just one of many reasons to conserve energy. Besides helping to protect the environment and reduce your carbon footprint, you can also save big bucks.
Low-income individuals, senior citizens and the disabled are being warned by the state to apply as early as possible for
Over and over again, these witnesses remind us of three important reasons to preserve human needs services: If programs like
"There's a lot of people more hurting than us, but that program is one of the really helpful programs. California's not a
I never thought I would see a Democratic president fight to cut low income energy assistance for the poor. But I never thought I would see Democrats claim credit for extending all of the Bush tax cuts.
"The unemployment rate is higher and there are lot more people that have low incomes today than during fiscal 2008 when this
WASHINGTON -- Reports that President Barack Obama's upcoming budget will propose steep cuts in the government's energy assistance
To qualify, utility customers must have account balances too high to be covered by the state's Low Income Home Energy Assistance
Someone with power has to stop this madness, or severe and needless punishment else will come to poor, marginalized citizens