low income students

By consistently raising the standards, the state has pulled back resources for students who are most in need.
By Lynne Martin, Executive Director Students Rising Above To learn more about the Hub, contact Vanessa Barbic at vbarbic
Early Action Early Action is NOT binding. You will apply earlier, and will find out earlier whether you get into the college
For More Information. There are a myriad of issues that present challenges to children achieving academic success in Brownsville
#5: Seek Online Support Support is always just a click away from online resources such as Students Rising Above's (SRA) College2Careers
Future 5 believes in all the potential of high school students! Founded in 2009 by Clif McFeely this mentoring program believes that all of Stamford CT's high school students should be connected to their full life's potential, regardless of income or family circumstances.
Financial aid packages have been reviewed, colleges have been visited and in most cases, final reflection has taken place. Some students know the moment they visit a particular campus it's the right school for them. But for a majority, the final decision is much more complex.
A strong support network and ongoing mentoring is needed to help navigate the unique challenges most will face while narrowing down and applying for college admission.
If you encounter a student with over $50,000 in debt, you will usually find that the student transferred majors or schools, or both.
For many students, college acceptance does not guarantee college completion.