Low Income Workers

Rarely, if ever, do we ask how those women without high wages, paid leave, affordable child care, or flexible schedules juggle their desperate need to earn money with caring for their family. But this is the big question that we all should be asking, because it turns out that there are real consequences for all of us.
McDonald’s is joining the rest of us in worrying about income inequality, but not because it thinks low-wage workers don't make enough -- instead, it worries it might have to pay its own workers more.
McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson claimed last year that the company has always been “an above minimum wage employer.” Indeed, the
Being poor is expensive.  White elephants are ultimately the things in the room everybody knows exist but talking about them
"We need a surviving wage and we should have the right to a union; we should have things like medical benefits," she said
The legislation in question would alter the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), a wage supplement for low-income families, by
Facing an ever-tightening budget noose, Detroit officials are trying to stave off a fiscal takeover by the state. When the
Gallup witnessed levels of job satisfaction among those surveyed fall most steeply among the nation's less-educated workers