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Inappropriate testosterone prescriptions can cause unwanted consequences. Yet men appropriately diagnosed with testosterone deficiency should consider treatment after ample conversation about the benefits as well as risks individual to their specific health status.
"It's too early to put this stuff in the water supply," one researcher says.
  By Kathryn Doyle (Reuters Health) - In a four-month trial, testosterone therapy did not improve ejaculation problems in
Prescription testosterone is unnecessary and dangerous for women and children, not just most men. Very few medical prescriptions given to a man affect a female partner and family so intimately and affect desired intimacy and passion in just the wrong way.
Are we supposed to attribute this good life to "low T" and buy a product to lower our levels? Not at all. We are supposed
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The most recent scientific studies prove that men who don't treat their testosterone deficiency are the ones at risk for a very naturally occurring disease: death.