low wage jobs

This is no one's idea of a level playing field.
With the dismal job market many college students have no choice but to take low-paying positions fresh out of college. HuffPost Live takes a look at life after graduation, the realities of the job market and how to make it in the 'real world.'
To tell us more about how the American job machine is working again for college graduates, Anthony Carnevale, the Center on Education and the Workforce's director, joins us today in The Global Search for Education
To fully allow low-wage workers to take a vacation, the federal tax policy might have to get involved. Currently, the tax
I see so many job openings for low-wage jobs and I've even worked some of those shitty jobs myself when I was younger. But what I'm seeing now is the old kid jobs are turning into middle-age and senior jobs.
“It’s a fight for the dignity of workers,” says Charlene A. Carruthers in the video, the National Director BYP100. “It’s
In recent months, cities have passed or introduced laws to require higher minimum wages within their boundaries. Wal-Mart
I protested in front of the business where I used to work. I’ve participated in the fast food campaign. I’ve testified in
Thanksgiving Day is a holiday where family and friends gather together and express gratitude for everything in their lives. But those who work at Walmart have little to be thankful for, at least when it comes to their employment.
Fast food jobs are a very real segment of our economy.