low wage workers

Only 8% could get the time off needed to quarantine, much less recover, from COVID-19.
The coronavirus pandemic is putting grocery store and restaurant workers at risk, often with no health protections and just a handful of safety precautions in place.
Progressives are calling it a “ham-fisted” and counterproductive way to help low-wage workers.
It's less about food stamps and health benefits than it's about worker power.
Women of color have changed the world through their resilience and fortitude to never settle for less.
The working poor are still the least likely to get paid holidays off.
Montana hotel workers reach a whopping $4 million settlement.
Full-time minimum wage workers in Colorado take home less than $300 per week — not nearly enough to cover rent, pay bills
It isn't that poor moms and dads aren't willing to work -- it's that the economy offers them so few opportunities to prosper from hard work and that safety net programs are inadequate to supplement low wages or provide for those who cannot work.
The hike would be a boon to most low-wage workers, though rural areas might suffer.