low wages

Can we please discuss important policy decisions that have the potential to improve the lives of millions of workers and their families?
We are at a political and economic crossroads. Failure to address pressing economic needs such as low wage growth will lead to stagnation and reactionary political extremism.
Child care workers say low pay undermines the quality of the care they provide.
The most recent statistics indicate that the general price level is declining in Britain. Even though measured rates of inflation have been quite low since the 2008 crash, negative inflation - deflation - is a rather rare phenomenon for the UK.
In 2013, an Amazon warehouse temp collapsed on the job and died. This is his story.
Protesters warned about the problems the Pacific Rim trade deal could bring to people around the world. Whether it's jobs being shipped overseas and wages being driven down in the U.S., medicine prices going through the roof, more pollution or unsafe food and products heading to our shores as a result of this bad trade deal, that wasn't enough to sway TPP negotiators.