When you’ve had years of your life snatched away from you, you never really get over it.
A month of dosing every third day, combined with daily journaling and weekly therapy sessions, helped me to see where I was getting stuck, and illuminated the good things around me.
Researchers are launching one of the first ever placebo-controlled trials of microdosing to answer this very question.
Thousands of people reported using these drugs last year, and 1 percent or less sought medical attention.
LSD causes neurological changes that can help us understand how the brain assigns significance to things in the environment.
Michael Orchard now faces criminal charges after allegedly breaking into his neighbor's home while high.
Scientists found the drug actually elevates an innate language ability.
The images show how the psychedelic drug creates a more "unified" mind.
The drug can cause a temporary psychosis-like state, but can also lead to improved well-being.