Once you're writing things like, "By rocking this dildo up and down against my G-spot, I unlocked some seriously powerful orgasms," it becomes a lot easier to get specific when you're between the sheets with a partner.
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I think that most women today own a sex toy and a vibrator of some kind. Most women know that it's really okay to touch ourselves 'down there' and that touching ourselves will not cause us to go blind or meet the devil. So why aren't we doing it more? Like every single day?
I guess you'd call it lube-shaming. But whatever you call it, it's awful.
North Korea's Kim Jong Un takes a tour of a lube factory, in order to highlight the country's industrial competitiveness.
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Nobody came alone, of course. More than 100 people covered themselves in "lotion" and participated in the games, held in
If you've ever wondered about how to choose the right lube to take sex to new levels of pleasure, I'm here to break it down for you.
"Left to rely on what I heard, I expected to feel something akin to a sonic boom followed by that sparkly thing twilight "vampires" do."
Almost anybody who has been sexually active can tell you that the action hasn't always been continuously well-orchestrated, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
In a technology-addled world where we're often more intimate with our iPhones than our active or would-be lovers, sometimes you need a few tips.
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You sip antioxidant drinks, practice yoga, and make sure your body and skin care products are paraben-free. But your love