She's the first American canine to receive the prestigious Dickin Medal.
During my visit to Rome, I found myself with two extra days that were pretty much empty. Rather than spend them in the city, I decided to visit some nearby villages, partially for the beautiful views they offered but mostly to get a true feel of how modern Italians live their everyday lives.
Updating the town walk for the Lucca chapter in my Italy guidebook, I was impressed at how many shops on the main drag had been in the same family at the same location for over a century.
When someone says "Italy", you immediately think of major cities like, Rome, Florence, Venice, and Milan. However, Italy has a lot more than these four major cities.
I was sitting at the pool in Borgo a Mozzano just outside of Lucca with Lino yesterday. We had decided to talk about the
By Liz Acosta, Dogster Her injury occurred in March of last year, but she didn't officially retire until May 2012, when she
The beautiful Tuscan scenery is often praised in travel guides, blogs and books, and that's for a reason. Green hills are
Until recently, Italians overwhelmingly ate Italian food, but a decade or more of immigration has seen a surge of new foreign