Lucian Freud

Edvard Munch, Pikene på broen (Girls on the Bridge), 1902, oil on canvas, 39 3/4 x 40 3/8 in. (101 x 102.5 cm). Estimate
Auerbach's subjects may be long dead, but the painting lives on. "Fury" is a good word to describe a painting style, which attests to the agony that accompanies the birth of all artworks and the creative act itself.
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There's been some whispering lately about an inevitable leveling off of the art market, and it seems that day has come.
This is the fourth of a series of interviews that focus on Local 829's Scenic Artists' "behind the scenes" talent who sculpt and paint in a variety of ways the sets we see on television, in movies and documentaries, on theater stages, and in the backgrounds of television and internet commercials.
Aside from displaying the young, impressionable side of a beloved art giant, Freud's letters exhibit a refreshingly fluid
Geordie Greig's "Breakfast with Lucian" -- a fascinating telling of the creative endeavors of a somewhat dislikable and intoxicatingly moving man.
In an era dominated by facile, superficial, precocious conceptual artists, Bacon and Freud were not young geniuses, but wise old masters, whose work gained in depth and power as they grew older, as they spent hundreds of hours making and reworking each canvas.
8. He has been described as both "one of the most important painters of the twentieth century" and “a drunken, faded sodomite
The public was fascinated by Lucian’s portraits of his sons and daughters, some of which were naked portraits. Journalists
NEW YORK, NY.- On November 12, Christie’s New York will offer Francis Bacon’s Three Studies of Lucian Freud, one of the most
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In 2003, the critic Martin Gayford began sitting for a portrait by Lucian Freud. In 2010, Gayford published his journal of the sittings as a book. Among his reflections, we get glimpses of Freud's attitudes and methods that create a portrait of a great experimental artist at work.
There is little shame in viewing an unfamiliar work of art and saying, "I have no idea who painted that," rather than make an uneducated guess.
Nothing. But I love stories of people stealing art just because they love it so much and have to have it. I respect that
Normally pantyhose is most effective when it goes unnoticed. Dutch artist Rosa Verloop would beg to differ, however. Verloop
Saville was born in Cambridge in 1970. She recounted to The Guardian's Rachel Cooke being hypnotized, at 6 years old, by
With paintings that are the anti-photoshop, Freud captured the true, frustrating, stimulating and often repulsive experience
Since his death, McAdam Freud has used her work to explore the relationship with her father, with many of the pieces melding
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