Meanwhile in the U.S., a record 13 babies were named Lucifer in 2016.
And get ready to find out more about Lucifer's mom and, possibly, his dad.
And it is a serious matter. But the findings in the Purdue study are also consistent with a developing body of research on
In a very real way, while seeing this man elected President of the United States should, and does, strike fear in the hearts of millions, even his defeat could create enduring problems for American democracy.
Ben Carson says Hillary Clinton's Role Model 'Acknowledges Lucifer'
Boy, it isn't every day you get to write a headline like that! But those are the kinds of feelings Ted Cruz seems to bring out in everyone -- left, right, and center.
Apparently some people had to look up the devil's lesser-known name.
He says Ted Cruz is God’s problem, not Satan’s.
Let the marathon begin.
My bargain with the devil has plagued me for almost 40 years. But now I feel renewed. It is time that all homosexuals heed Gina Miller's words and 'fess up. Reveal your own "dark and perilous" truths!
The priest has expressed concern over the ongoing texts from the devil, according to The Daily Mail. The priest claimed that
The earth swallows up Korach and his followers after their rebellion and they descend into "hell." When they arrive, do they meet the devil? And is hell an actual place?