lucille ball

Cardi B finally revealed her pregnancy during a performance on “SNL.” Here are other women who have changed the game on pregnancy in the public eye.
Cate Blanchett is currently attached to star as the iconic Lucille Ball.
Oscar Wilde Ireland's most famous playwright is adored, but you wouldn't know it by this statue. Located near the National
10 questions in 10 minutes TOM: I agree, a Ricky statue would be great next to Lucy! TOM: Gotcha! - it's 623 E. 68 St., NYC
On the heels of President Obama's historic executive action on gun control, Ball's story is also a reminder of the damage that firearms can do at the hands of a certainly innocent child.
In the worlds of burlesque, cabaret and queer performance there's no hotter couple right now than Kitten N' Lou.
It was the setting of that most-loved "I Love Lucy" scene of Lucy's stalking and gawking Bill Holden. Hundreds of stars were
"You have to have a point of truth -- an emotional center. Without it won't work and it's just over the top nonsense. It has to be broad, over the top and real. It's high style comedy. A lot of people try to do it but they don't quite get there."
Other indicators of Ball's iconic status? She appeared on the first-ever cover of TV Guide in 1953 and "I Love Lucy" finished
What's the entertainment that made you who you are today? That Eagle conversation left me wanting to find more of the formative media that shaped gay men's lives. I've never read any Isherwood, and haven't seen Mame. What else have I been missing?
No matter how TV has changed and will change again over the years, if there is a genre that has no need to reinvent itself, that genre is comedy. The only thing that a good comedy really needs is a small, cozy room full of great and enthusiast writers.