Despite frequent glowing media stories about India shining, digitization and IT-enabled cities which are true and show progress in many ways, there still continues to be a ferocious underbelly which encompasses many women workers who have to earn a living to support their families.
"We believe in the oneness of God, we have the same Prophet, we share the same holy book."
onathan's daily life in Lucknow, India is working in an office, sitting at a computer and frequently visiting hospitals in rural regions around Lucknow, speaking with doctors, nurses and midwives to identify the barriers to making childbirth safer.
Majestic Islamic gates announce entry into another world of small lanes and decaying palaces. The Bara Imambara is an architecturally ambitious tomb of a Shiite man that incorporates a mosque and gardens.
We have to create new mythologies that give us a sense of hope and understanding.
LUCKNOW: A mother of two young children has gone into hiding after her dissolute husband wagered her in a card game and lost